Cables and other


Attach a Philips NSM825x keyboard to a turboR or equivalent Panasonic machines. In spanish,  design by usario_msx2
Useful if the keyboard is malfunctioning.
pdf Philips keyboard on turboR


How to build RGB cable for japanese MSX computers and J-SCART devices.
pdfRead how to build this cable

pdfConstruct a MSX Printercable

pdfDiagram of DIN- RGB Scart kabel

Joystick cable between 2 MSX computers: F1 Spirit 3D special/Joynet/Connect cable

7 wires
1-6, 2-7, 3-8, 6-1, 7-2, 8-3, 9-9
MCWF joystick cable (for their *slag games and Four on a Row)
pin 6 for transferring 0, 7 for transferring 1 (master slave principle)

3 wires
1 on 1: 6-6, 7-7, 9-9

Build yourself a MSX Mouse adapter:

pdfPS/2 mouse to FMTowns/MSX interface by Anikun.
Build the ps2 to fm-towns mouse interface. JP Grobler did that and it works on his MSX in Meridian 3 and “windows 2000”- msx version.
Replace the MA723 diodes with 1N4148 . You can use a 16F84A/20p

Add a reset button to the PIC – the original documentation mentions the mouse pointer becoming unstable? this should solve the problem.
Cost : PIC 3.5E , rest 1E, 1 hour of soldering, cutting etc.

pdfExtra floppy disk for Sony HB-F700P/D and Philips computers

pdfConnect electronic typewriter to MSX
German article to build a serial interface for a printer

pdfRS-232C interface for NMS1250 and Telcom modems”
By Huib Walta, author of MOD for datacom
pdfSame kind of interface mod by Hans Oranje

pdfConnect MSX RGB to VGA monitor
Design notes by JP Grobler

pdfChange NMS1205 modem I/O adress
Mari van der Broek

pdfMSX 2+ circuit diagrams by ASCII

Convert a PC mouse to a standard MSX mouse:

Re Mouse and Nice Mouse
The Bytewizards: Victor van Acht, his brother and Albert Huitsing build a device to convert a PC mouse (serial) to a standard MSX. The device was sold in the Netherlands as Remouse and repackaged as Nice Mouse available from Mirisoft in Italy.
pdfHere you will find the circuit diagram and PCB layout,
pdfthe assembler source (dutch documents) of the programmable Atmel controller used in this project and a text file describing
pdfthe mouse protocols used.
pdfThe disks that come with the Nicemouse/Remouse product are downloadable here.

Upgrade VRAM in your your MSX2+/TurboR to 192KBytes
This upgrade is about adding to your V9958 VDP 128Kbytes of VRAM extra 64Kbytes of RAM.
pdfRead how to perform this upgrade