PS/2 mouse

Controller PS / 2 mouse, computer mouse emulator for MSX.

PS/2 mouse

The basis of the controller is a Microcontroller (MC) ATTiny2313 from Atmel.
MK Taktiruetsya embedded generator at 8 MHz.
The circuit is very simple and cheap.

Firmware version 1.0 provides the controller with mouse emulation mode, when connected to any joystick port of the MSX.
In the next version emulation of the joystick will be added .
The LED on the board is fault, when connected to the mouse controller is blinking with a frequency of 1 hertz.

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In the normal mode mouse, LED is lighted.
When you set jumper JP1, speed of the mouse is reduced by 2 times.

The controller is tested on a real MSX Yamaha YIS503II, and OCM DE1 while working in Symbos.

Also tested is the game Breaker

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PS/2 mouse

Kamil Karimov (caro)