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Opened case of MSX

For  just the repair of FDD, it is not necessary to open so much, bit this was nce to look at!

As for truth when the unsolved Ready signal can already be processed just a little well, it will make the article! With you think it is, but while it was untouched, slipperily 1 years or more it elapsed…(Sweat)

Almost because is just the photograph, actual job contents and pin assign in this page and the like sufficiently verifying and understanding please work. (As for job on self responsibility! )

MSX of Panasonic type (A1WX/FX/WSX/ST/GT) for DOS/V FDD (for AT compatible machine FDD) to install, the original work of the conversion cable is necessary.

* Material
The FDD flat cable for DOS/V
The power source cable for DOS/V (small)
24 pin film cable connectors (form original cable in MSX)

24 pin film cable connectors, being attached to MSX originally, using the solder sucking/absorbing, FDD use those which it pulls out.
And cutting these in suitable length, when attaching/solder)
The FDD conversion cable <-> for MSX DOS/V completed
To make a mistake in connection, when it short-circuits, because it is possible to break MSX itself.
Because the conversion cable when it is too long will give trouble, it is necessary to make shortly, but as for the power source cable the one which is and being able to give room made in some long flat cable is good.
Because I, made also the power source cable absent-mindedly at the same length, it tends to stretch a little

The figure which installs one for DOS/V FDD in ↑MSX
MSX basis –> Genuine film cable –> Original conversion cable –> It becomes the connection, one for DOS/V FDD.

EPSON SMD-1300 from a GATEWAY2000 P5-120


Cut out an appropiate opening in the case, to fit the larger drive.