SVI.328 and SVI.728

Thanks to Tomas Karlson, all relevant technical manuals and software on the Spectravideo SVI.318 and SVI.328. And some SVI.728 and other Spectravideo devices infi files also.


Technically speaken, the SVI.328 is not a MSX. But it is defnitely a member of the family with many similarities in hardware (VDP, slots, PSG) and software (Basic).
And, since it preceeded the MSX standard not very long and is largely identical, it shows that Spectravideo contributed a lot to the MSX standard from the SVI.328.


SVI Service Manual SVI.3×8

SVI Basic Reference Manual SVI.328

SVI User Manual SVI.328

SVI SVI.806 80 columns card

SVI Schematics SVI318-328

SVI Schematics SVI601-605 Expander/Super Expander

SVI User manual SVI.605 Super Expander User’s manual

SVI Schematics SVI801 Disk controller

SVI Schematics SVI.802-901 Printer

SVI Schematics SVI.903-904 Data cassette

SVI Schematics SVI.603 Game adapter

SVI Schematics SVI.803-807 16/64K RAM

SVI SVI.803/807 16/64k Ram Users Manual

SVI Schematics SVI.701-805 serial interface

SVI Schematics SVI.806 CRT controller 80 columns

SVI Schematics SVI.105 graphic tablet

SVI Schematics SVI.103 Quick Shot joystick

SVI SVI-805 RS232 Users manual

SVI SVI-806 80 Column Users manual

SVI SVI-902 Disk Basic Users Guide

SVI Klub diskettes

SVI Disk Basic

SVI Micro Pro bundle CP/M software

SVI Monitor inc disassembler


SVI CP/M Operating System Manual, Digital research version

SVI Source tape backup


SVI Spectravideo SVI.728 Service Manual
SVI Spectravideo SVI.728 User Manual

SVI CP/M CP/M 2.24 release 1.30 for SVI.728

SVI SVI.707 MSX Disk Drive Users Manual

SVI SVI.747 MSX 64K RAM Users’s Manual

SVI SVI.757 MSX RS232 Interface User’s Manual

SVI SVI.767_MSX Data Cassette Users Manual

SVI Journal Die Zeitschrift des Spectra Video Club Austria

SVI SVI Journal Die SVI.328

SVI SVI Journal 1 1984

SVI SVI Journal 2 1984

SVI SVI Journal 3 1984

SVI SVI Journal 4 1984

SVI SVI Journal 5 1984

SVI SVI Journal 6 1984

SVI SVI Journal 1 1985

SVI SVI Journal 2 1985

SVI SVI Journal 3 1985

SVI SVI Journal 4 1985

SVI SVI Journal 5 1985

SVI SVI Journal 7 1985

SVI SVI Journal 9 1985

SVI SVI Journal 11 1985