Manuals and Guides

Manuals and Guides


AVT Floppy disk drive DPF-550 userguide

Plus-x lasergun

Circuit diagram of ASCII Plus-X Terminator Lasergun

Datasheet of IR amplifier CX20106A (replacement IC GL374) used in the gun


Manual and technical details about this 4 Mb memory mapper

Ancona monitor

Ancona monitor userguide


Canon V20 service manual
French RGB connector layout


The MSX faq has a very good overview of the (non-standard)connector description on MSX


DEMPA, the electronics experimenters kit: photo, front and back of cover, userguide,
Daewoo Daewoo Quickdiskdrive userguide


FM-PAC Panacart description
FM-PAC user guide
FM-PAC programming
FM-PAC more information on programming
Goldstar Goldstar FC200 service manual
How to improve the sound on a Goldstar FC200 (from MSX Gids)
Page 1, Page 2


Colour Monitor (Manual)


HAL Laboratory Handy Scanner HIS-60 (User guide)
Original HAL softwareSee also the page devoted to the HAL Handy Scanner


HC-79B user guide
MSX Basic User guide

MSX Club Gouda


SLOTEXPANDER version 5.0 – 1995 (Manual)


MSX-Basic Version 2.0 Reference Chart
MSX-2 Basic Userguide, english version


MT-Viditel userguide/servicemanual


Panasonic CF-2700 service manual
Panasonic A1 WSX circuit diagram (page 55-64 of servicemanual
Panasonic turbo R ST service manual
Panasonic turbo R GT service manual black and white small version,
also in LARGE! size version (120MB!)in color
turbo R page with more informationPanasonic FS-A1WX circuit
Pioneer ER-101 Userguide
Pioneer PX-TP7: the tablet user guide
Pioneer PX-7 service manual (large!)
Pioneer PX-7 P-Basic reference manualWith thanks to Edson Kendi Kadoya:Pioneer PX-RA32 64K RAM
ER-101 video overlay part A
ER-101 video overlay part B
PX-JY7 Pioneer Joystick
PX-V60 Pioneer MSX computer
Philips MSX devices Philips D6450 cassette tape unit userguide
Philips SBC3810 mouse userguide
Circuit diagram and physical design of the Philips MSX mouse SBC3810.
Philips NMS1140 mouse userguide
Philips NMS1150 graphical table userguide
Philips NMS1170 barcode reader userguide,
barcode reader software,
Philips NMS1210 RS232C user manual
Philips VY0010/11 external floppy disk drive service manual
Correction on VY0010/11 circuit
Philips VU0040 external printer cartridge service manual
CM8802,CM8832,CM8833,CM8852 Colour Monitor (Manual)
NMS1431 Printer (Manual)
NMS8245 MSX2 Gebruiksaanwijzing (Dutch Manual)
VG8020 MSX1 Installation Manual
VS0040/00 Computer Monitor (Manual)
VS0060/00 , VS0080/00 Colour Monitor (Manual)
VW0030/20 Printer (Manual)
Philips VG8000/8010 Philips VG8000/8010 service manual
Philips VG8020 Philips VG8020 user guide
Philips VG8020/00 service manual
Philips VG8230 Philips VG8230 service manual
Philips VG8230 hires pcb and circuit diagram
Philips VG8235 VG8235/00/02/19 service manual includes the solution to the memory bug (second part not available)
VG8235/20/22/29/36/39 service manual
Philips VG8235 hires pcb and circuit diagram
Repair method of the VG 8235/00
Repair method of the VG 8235/00/02/19
Philips NMS8220 Philips NMS8220 service manual
Philips NMS8245 Philips NMS8245 service manual

NMS8245 MSX2 Gebruiksaanwijzing (Dutch Manual)

Philips NMS 800 Philips NMS 800 user manual in Italian

Philips printer

NSM1421 Printer Service manual
NMS1431 Printer Userguide
VW0030/20 Printer (Manual)
Philips monitors VS0040 monitor userguide
CM8833 service manual
Philips Monitor VS0060 and VS0080 userguide/service manual
BM 75xx userguide/service manual
Philips Music Module NMS1205/1160 Muziekmodule and keyboard service manual
NMS1205/1160 Muziekmodule userguide
See also the magazine section PTC and MCCM


Philips NMS8250 and NMS8255 are very popular MSX-2 computers. Separate keyboard, easy accessible with much space inside.
Not without problems, see also the NMS8280. The NMS8250 (single floppy) and NMS8255 (two floppy) are alike and they also share much technology with the NMS8280.
NMS8250 Userguide
Various information on the NMS8250/55/80: do it yourself , software, information
NMS8250 Service manual
NMS8250 Repair method
English version of the article how to fix the sound on the NMS8250/55/80


Philips NMS8280, the video computer
Programs to use the superimpose and digitize facilities
Various information on the NMS8250/55/80: do it yourself , software, information
The NSM8280 userguide
The Service Manual of the NMS8280
English version of the article how to fix the sound on the NMS8250/55/80

Philips MSX PC

A MSX2 on a PC ISA card, made by the PTC
Circuit diagram
User manual
System disk
ROM dump


Official ASCII documentation on the implementation of RS232C on MSX


Information on SCSI controllers for MSX like:
B.E.R.T., Novaxis, HSH, Club Gouda interfaces, MegaSCSI at the SCSI page
Spectravideo See the special SVI.738 X’Press page for User manual, service manual, convert to MSX-2 in different ways, add RGB output, add internal RAM, change slot settings, system disks CP/M and MSX-DOS
See also the SVI.328 user and service manual page.
Spectravideo SVI 2000 Robotarm userguide (including Rogo the programming language)
See also the Spectravideo SVI 2000 Robotarm and Robotarm interface pages.
Spectravideo SVI.728 Service Manual
Spectravideo SVI.728 User Manual
SVI 728 power connector
Adapt SVI.728 with second cartridge slot and improve sound
Spectravideo SVI.838 circuit diagrams
SVI.707 external diskdrive manual
SVI-707 Msx DiskDrive Users Manual
(alternative version)
SVI.811 game adapter user manual
SVI.777 Stringy floppy drive User’s manual


Lightpen MLP001 userguide
MSX-1 MPC100 userguide
Sony HB900 Sony HB-G900(A)P, the other videocomputers.
In Europe there were two MSX computers on the market with video superimpose and digitizing facilities. The more mass-market directed is the Philips NMS8280, the other, more professional-like computer is the Sony HB-G900P., and its successor the HB-G900AP with a MSX engine S1985 and a real memory mapper.Digitizing was standard in the NMS8280, for the HB-G900P you also need the HBI-G900P videotizer.HB-G900P operating instructions, the Userguide
How to use the Video Utility
The HB-G900P system disk and the Multi-Telopter program, disks provided by Jürgen Brennecke
See the NMS8280 programming page for programs. New are the Quick Telopter and Halos program from Sony.
And (in dutch only) see the MCCM magazine section nr 74 and 77
HB-9G00P/F Service manual chapter 1 to 3
HB-9G00P/F Service manual chapter 4 to 6
Correction on HB900 circuit
HB-9G00AP Service manual first part
HB-9G00AP Service manual second part
Sony hardware HB-F1XD Service manual, a MSX-2 computer
HB-F9P/S Service manual, MSX-1
HB-F9P Operating Instructions
Sony HB-10P/10B AE/UK Service manual
HBI-512 memory mapper service manual the mapper where most external mappers are based upon
See also the Magazine section for a fix for these mappers
HBI-232 serial interface service manual
GB-7 Trackball service manual
Sony HBD-50 technical manual 3½ inch 360k external floppy disk drive
Sony HBD-30 technical manual 3½ inch 720k external floppy disk drive
Sony PRN-C41/C41D technical manual plotter
Sony PRN-T241 Service manual
Sony HB-F500P/F technical manual part 1
Sony HB-F500P/F technical manual part 2
Sony HB-F700P/F/S/D technical manual
Sony SDC-500 technical manual tape unit
Sony HB-101P/102P technical manual
Sony HB-55P/HB75P/HB-75B User guide
Sony HB-55P and HB75P and HB-75B service manual
Sony HBI-V1 video capture module user manual in german
Sony HBI-V1 video capture module user manualSony HBI-V1 german user manual
Sony HBI-V1 service manual
IC’s inside the HBI-V1:
NTSC/PAL circuit Sony V7201
Oki MSM79V023 gate arraySony 64K RAM HBM-64 service manual
Sony HBI-55 User guide
Sony SRAM cartridge HBI-55 service manual
Sony XVT550 Video Titler (MSX compatible hardware)
ROM dump of the XVT550
Sony AB5000 Etch-A-Sketch (v9938 vdp based) service manual
Sony HB-501 service manual
Sony HB-501F HB-501P Diagram
Sony HB-501F RGB Unit Diagram
Sony XV-J550 Manual (Japanese)


SciSys SV-4000 Userguide tape recorder for MSX and many other systems


DF622/00B, DF652/00B (Manual)


Music keyboard, music system HX-MU900/901 userguide
Keyboard HX-MU901 service manual
RS232C Interface cartridge Owner’s Manual HX-R700PE
The book “Getting the best of your MSX” for the Toshiba HX-10 comes in a special edition with an appendix that gives an introduction in playing music with the Toshiba Keyboard HX-MU900/1. Here you find this appendix scanned in pdf format.
This product, made by A.M.C. van Kinderen, was quite popular in the Netherlands.It is a cartridge with an EPROM programmer The original software did work but is quite limited and unfriendly:
Userguide for Toeprom
Original software
Dick van Vlodrop, also known for his improved software for the Elektuur programmer (see the diy Elektuur section) adapted his program for the Toeprom, as replacement for the builtin eprom-based software
Dick van Vlodrop Toeprom software userguide
Dick van Vlodrop software
Jeremy Wiermans released an MSX-DOS based program called 2EPROM
2eprom userguide
2eprom software

WH Smith

W.H. Smith MSX datarecorder CPD8300 userguide
Yamaha See also the CX5M FAQ for more information, ROMS.
CX5-M/YIS503F Service manual
Parts list belonging to CX5M/YIS503
Technical Summary Yamaha computers: AX-100, YIS-503F, CX-5M
Convert Yamaha CX-5M to MSX-2
Yamama CX-5M II service manual
Yamama CX-5MU service manual
Yamama CX-5M programming information
Yamama CX-5M faq including  SFG05 cirsuit diagram  by Erik Lie
YIS-503 circuit diagram (Russian MSX-2 made by Yamaha)
CX-5M information by rgp for :
CX-5M(II) Connectors
CX-5M Power supply
SFG-05 Circuit Diagram
Music function I/O map How to access the SFG from the computer
YM2151 Datasheet
Programming the YM2151
CX-5M Music Computer, Owner’s Manual (MSX1)
CX-5MII Music Computer , Owner’s Manual (MSX1)
CX-5MII Music Computer , FM Sound Synthesizer Unit
Yamaha CX5M manual
Yamaha YRM-301 midi recorder manual
Yamaha YRM-502 FM Voicing manual
Corrected circuit diagram Yamaha SFG-05
SFG-05 BIOS manual
YIS503IIR (Russian MSX)
YIS503IIR Video Unit
Yamaha SRE circuit diagram (32K mapper and third slot, for Yamaha Music computer with 60 pin connector)
Yamaha FD05/51 floppy drive service manual
Yamaha FD03 floppy drive service manual
Yamaha AX500 (arabic) service manual
Yamaha musical keyboard YK01 service manual


A special MSX computer build by Yamaha for the russian schools with (serial) network facilities
MSX-Network Card circuit diagram
MSXnet manual: partly russion, partly english, partly MSX, partly CP/M about the Yamaha MSX network
English translation of the MSXnet manual by Cax.
Yamaha 3802 application guide, the IC used in the MSX network
Notes from the comp.sys.msx newsgroup discussion with info on the MSX Network and /CP/M in the YIS503II, referring to the next files:
ROMs of the YIS503III, dumps by Marat
ROMs of the YIS503III, dumps by Jetze
Tools for the MSX Network
Games that can be send via the MSX Network


Circuit diagram of the MSX 2 computer TPC310 and Deawoo floppy disk controller

The books and magazines index will lead to even more hardware related infomation.