Philips test cartridges

Philips test cartridges

For service purposes Philips produced several programs. packaged in a test cartridge.

These programs are normal ROM cartridges, with the standard AB signature. Looking into the contents, one can see Philips cooperated with MT Technology, as there are traces visible of the MT-Debug program.

Albert Buurmeijer has dumped the ROMs from the test cartridges.

Floppy disk drive test “Fonito””

Service testcartridge Philips MSX 1
In the service cartridge for MSX 1 there are, besides the ROM, two more IC’s, a 74LS32 (address) and a 74LS74 (flipflop) to select one of the two ROM banks.

Philips service cart

Service testcartridge Philips MSX 2
The service test cartridge for the Phililips MSX 2 takes complete control of the computer.
On the VG8230 it requires setting of jumpers, on the NMS8250/55/80 computer pushing the service switch on the mainboard.