2mb 4mb internal slot expander

(c)2018 Andrey Koryakin

2mb and 4mb memory mapper for msx2 and msx2+ computers with real Z80 chip.

Internal mapper, the Z80 IC will be placed on the memory mapper pcb and the pcb in the Z80 IC socket.

Memory registers and back annotation are supported.

Tested on Sony HB-FzXD, XDmk2, HB-F1XDJ, XV, Panasonic FS-A1mk2, FS-A1f.
Should work on any MSX-2, MSx2+ where a real Z80 IC is used as CPU.
Only requires lifting out the Z80 and inserting it on the mapper PCB and attaching a wire to the SLTSL line in the computer as you can find on pin 53 of the MSX Engine S9185 or pin 16 of a DRAM IC
(c)2018 Andrey Koryakin

Comes with complete description, design files, EAGLE-8.2 project, Gerber files
PCB dimension 71.0 x 54.3

In this archive the complete project files are enclosed, with lots of images!

Some images to get your attention: