Old news

December 2016

Two mappers circuit diagrams, and the simple slot extender in English on its own page.

Chaos Assembler with all updates since it disappaered from the internet and is not for sale anymore.

September 2016

Repaired the B.E.R.T. section the SCSI pageand added the 2.7 ROMs.
Improved version of the Turbo Pascal manual

July 2016

CF2700 service manual updated with missing page

May 2016

Large modern library, by popolony2k, actively maintained on sourceforge, local snapshot copy here

MSX 1 ROM Basic

  • Disassembly by Stefano Bodrato. It can be built with the current z88dk variant of “z80asm” (z80asm -a msxbasic).
  • Now with modified example with zxfont.
  • V2.0 This updated version unveils most of the maths related portions (look at the constants section, to have an idea of the huge work behind it..).
    Also cleaned up the labels a bit and began putting comments here and there.It is very difficult to change the ROM without breaking the compatibility due to the way the several ROM pages work one each other.. but the ZX Spectrum style skin was too just funny !
    The easiest way to enjoy customization is to exclude the HOOK calls, so added an option for it 😉

Sony HB-501 service manual (thanks to Manuel Bilderbeek)

Yamaha CX5M manual Yamaha YRM-502 FM Voicing manual Yamaha YRM-301 midi recorder manual (thanks to Rune Lauesen)

Sanyo MRS-001 RS232 interface rom dump (thanks JBW)

Sony XV-33F videotitler dumped rom (thanks JBW)

October 2014: Updates!

MSXT turboR Technical Handbook in pdf and jpg format

MSX Datapack in pdf format and MSX Datapack disks


Panasonic FS-A1FX Memory 4096kB NIga upgrade

Panasonic FS-A1WX circuit diagram

MSX Library and Japanese MSX Manual in pdf format

BEER IDE ROM 1.9, circuit and utilities

MSX DOS kit, assembler sources to build a diskrom

September 2013: Yamaha FD03 service manual

August 2013 MSX Info pages moved and came home to

Fixed CX5M link to grit’s site.

New Info added

MSX Datapack Full japanese MSX documentation and disks.

MSX 2 ROM no autoboot ROGO ROM made by Nyyrikki based on work by Jippie

MSX DOS 21. 2.2 2.3 ROMS and english + japanese disks

Replace a MSX turboR Diskdrive with a PC Drive. by Erik Luppes

Replace a Panasonic FS-A1F Diskdrive with a PC Drive by Erik Luppes

MSX C Japanese manuals and complete package

A patched extended ROM for the SVI 738 or MSX1without clock chip and with “memory counter” instead of the original 64k also for CX5M by Uwe Neisius

A complete BlueMSX profile of the Yamaha CX5MII by Uwe Neisius

MSX Train

MSX Train, a large but simple system for controlling a model train or any I/O you can think of. Attach it to the MSX printer port (or a printer port of a PC!), and programmable like a printer. Designed by Paul Schaerer, Pablosoft, 1994

Hitech DEV PAC 80

Full documentation of this powerful CP/M and also MSX assembler package GEN80 macro assembler, debuggers ProMON, MON80 and a Full Tutorial

FMPAK diy by Erik Luppes