Conversion to WordPress finished!

The conversion to WordPress is finished!  Not only did I move the old content, such as pages and documents and files over, I did my best to check every link and did reformat rearrange some pages.

I think all link rot is gone (for now, I have checked every external link and made local copies of pages that disappeared. Also my many mistakes from previous conversions (the site went from Frontpage Express in 1998 via handwritten html to CMS Made Simple and now to WordPress) should be gone now. The site will be uptodate and consistent for many years now!

Please note that I prefer you read the pages and from there download the articles and archives. I do consider deep linking to documents a way of misusing my website (which I pay for!) without respect for my efforts. I actively try to make this impossible, also leeching the whole site is discouraged technically and will result in temporary bans of your IP. The licensing applicable makes it possible to store any of the files on your own website, so please do that instead of leeching and deeplinking and stealing my bandwidth. Note that my pages require attribution and a link back to this website.